May 2014

Queue is a Music player app for iOS 7, written in Objective-C. It was created by myself and Pete O'Neal . It allows the user to queue up songs from their local music library, and also search their music library for songs.

Once a song is played from the queue it will be removed from the list of upcoming songs unless added in again. Songs can also be removed from the queue.

Although our original intention was to allow users to queue up songs on eachothers devices using Multi Peer Connectivity, due to time constraints we were not able to get that to work.We were however able to install a simple chat that utilizes the Multi Peer technology.

My role in creating this app was mainly the design, ranging from every color choice to ever detail of it'sfunctionality. Along with the design I assisted in programming it, specifically the Chat. the main reason we wanted to create this app was because we felt that having to make a playlist every time you wanted to queue a song from the default music app was a pain, so we came up with Queue. It was a simple solution to a small problem.